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Zhendong collaberates with Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese Military Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China&n...

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Dynamic of Research

"Qizhi Capsule" and "Fuzheng Guben Granule" profile accepted by Shanxi FD...

Dr. Li vist to Zhendong

Institute Overview

Beijing Pharmaceutical Research InstituteBeijing Pharmaceutical Research Institute is the New Drug Research and Development Center of Zhendong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, whose main research directions being the anticancer drugs, cardiovascular disease prevention and control drugs, anti-infection drugs and the like. Respons...




Zhendong nurtures farmers in Shanxi

Shanxi-based pharmaceutical preparation company Zhendong Group is furthering its poverty alleviation effortsby setting up a plantation basefor traditional Chinese medicine plants in Pingshun County, Shanxi province.

Social Responsibility Report 2016 Shanxi Zhendong Health Industry Group

Revist the classic traveling thousands of the Tea Road

about zhendong


        Zhendong Group is a health industry group which covers five areas—like "oil selling, Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, functional foods, agricultural development, and cultural tourism"—and owns 32 subsidiary companies. It was successively awarded the "National May 1st Labor Award", the National "Double love double assessment" advanced unit, the "Advanced Unit for the Construction of Modern Technology Industrial Base of Chinese Medicine&q...

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